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Now places and coach selection is available at least 24 hours before departure, only for seats (no beds).

More, you can buy online tickets on any route, anytime until the departure of the train. 🚆 You can also find us in Google Play and Apple AppStore and Huawei AppGallery.
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If you want to find the trains from a station to another, you're on the right page. Type the stations, select the travel date and press "Search".


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If you travel on a specific train and you want to find the stopping times in stations or the real-time data (delays), go to this page.


Do you want to find out all the trains coming and going from a specific station? Go to this page.

PRM assistance

Do you need assistance getting in train or in the station? Complete a PRM assistance request.

Register students online tickets

Fill an online form and after the university will confirm that you are a student there, you can buy online or at vending machines.

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