The terms and conditions

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You can buy at least 6 hours before departure

When using the service buy CFR online tickets, it is no longer necessary to go to the CFR Călători ticket counters, the necessary travel data will be sent by email and will be accessible anytime from the user account.

Please pay attention when declaring your contact data . By the email address and telephone number initially declared at registration, shall be sent:

- by email address: the tickets bought and all the correspondence related to the online transactions performed by accessing this service; the password regeneration link (when the password was forgotten).

- by SMS on the phone: data on the transactions performed (ticket ID and amount)

Please note that the incorrect registration of the email address leads to the impossibility of using the CFR online tickets purchase service and registering an incorrect phone number will make impossible the SMS notification.

If, after registration, you need to change the email address or the phone number, this change is made from the user's profile under the section my account submenu "Edit my account info". After the data is changed, it is necessary to reconnect.

A registered user of the service buy CFR online tickets must know, respect and agree with the following aspects related to the use of "CFR online tickets":

1. "The CFR online tickets" can be purchased in advance up to maximum 30 days (representing the maximum period of advance sale in domestic traffic), but no later than 6 hours from the departure hour of the first train on route (compared to the boarding hour). Basically, the "CFR online tickets" can be purchased with a maximum advance of sale in domestic traffic, except for the trains running within 6 hours, from the time the request is placed in the system. CFR Călători reserves the right to change the maximum time limits for the advance sale of tickets (30 days), at any time, if the operating conditions require this. The change can be performed for all passenger trains or punctually, only for certain trains, with prior notice to the travelling public, usually at least 2 calendar days before the change is implemented. In unforeseen circumstances, the maximum advance sale period can be changed without notice, informing the passengers on the CFR Călători official website.

2. "CFR online tickets" are NOMINAL tickets and allow the persons nominated in the request (declared on the ticket) to travel only by the train/trains for which the request was made. CFR online tickets DO NOT allow the journey interruption.

3. Passengers will be identified on board, by the „ticket ID", their name and an official identity document . It's recommended to print and have the "CFR online ticket" on board, in the standard form, but it's not compulsory. Persons over 14 years old will be identified based on an official identity document (identity card, passport, driving license).

4. According to the normative acts in force on the railway journey, the categories of passengers for which tickets can be bought through the service buy CFR online tickets are defined as follows:

adults" - any person (regardless of age) paying the full transport fare or with the discounts granted from the full fare related to commercial offers, specific to this type of customer;

"children" - means children up to the age of 10 at the journey day, including those under 5 years old for which a separate seat is requested. These passengers will pay the discounted "child" fare. Please note that children up to the age of 5 can travel free of charge (it is not necessary to purchase a ticket or to be declared when you buy the ticket), unless a separate seat is requested. On the train, the staff in charge of checking and controlling the tickets has the right to request proof of age of the children, by submitting a copy of the birth certificate or the passport;

youths" - means people under 18 years old at the time of travel within the "minigroup" offer;

adults with TrenPlus card " - any person of any age who holds a Tren Plus nominal card, valid on the ticket purchase day. Tren Plus card can only be bought from the CFR sales units and is valid for 1 year.

5. CFR tickets can be bought by using service buy CFR online tickets, only:

5.1. For categories of customers defined as:

  • adults", „children " in case of tickets for one-way trip or round-trip;
  • adults" or „youths " in case of minigrup offer;
  • adults with TrenPlus" in case of tickets for one-way trip,

5.2. For the transport of unfolding bicycles - Bicycle ticket if a number of bicycles is equal to the number of passengers for which reservation is requested, for one-way ticket on single train routes and only if that train provides such services;

5.3. For the transport of pet dogs - Ticket for dog, only for those with a muzzle, kept in a leash on the floor of the coach, in compartments, in 2nd class coaches, being issued only in connection with Standard Tickets / Offers (not issued in connection with other types of commercial offers, eg. Minigroup ticket, Round trip ticket).

5.4. For trains running in domestic traffic with reservation (InterRegio - IR, InterCity - IC, Regio Express - RE) and some trains without seat reservation (R - Regio, RU- Regio Urban), only on the routes for which you can click on "Buy". For Regio Express trains, seat reservation is compulsory via the online service, the reservation fee being included in the final ticket price paid by the customer.

5.5. For commercial classes (types of cars) to which CFR Călători provides such services;

5.6. For a maximum number of passengers on transaction, depending on the type of car, according to the provisions of section 9 below;

5.7. If the same type of car (commercial class) is requested at each train on the selected route, for all the passengers.

5.8. If a separate place is requested for each passenger, at trains with reservation (InterRegio - IR, InterCity - IC, RegioExpress - RE), except for sleeping car and berth car, for children under 10 years old, only for one-way trip. This exception does not apply to round-trip offer.

5.9. On sleeping car and berth car, for one-way trip, for children under 10 years old, it is allowed:

- to pay the fee for one bed supplement for 2 children sharing a single bed

- not to pay the bed supplement if a separate bed for a child is not requested (one child with an attendant on a bed is allowed, including the children under 5 years old)

6. For „CFR online tickets", CFR Călători will notify by email the customer (register user) about any change related to the trip, if they are known more than 24 hours before the departure date and hour of the first train on the route (before the boarding hour and date of the passenger of the first train on route). A registered user of the service buy CFR online tickets is required and remains directly responsible for checking the emails sent, in order to get aware of any changes occurred during his journey . CFR Călători takes no responsibility if the user was notified on the changes, but he did not become aware of this information. That information will also be available through the train staff.

7. CFR Călători reserves the right to change, at any time, the number of trains, the type of cars and the tariff offers made available for the online sale, without any prior notice.

8. Selecting the type of passenger and the correct registration of the other necessary data, respectively:

- Name and surname of the declared passengers;

- Type of passengers in terms of tariff ("adults", "children", "youths", "adults with TrenPlus card");

- TrenPlus card number (card ID) and Social Security Number in case of TrenPlus cardholders;

- Travel date, train/trains on the route, class/ type of car.

is made on the sole responsibility of the user.

Before accessing the "confirmation" button, it is recommended to check the selected data (regarding the travel date, train, route, ticket/offer type, number and type of passengers, class/type of car).

Immediately after the purchase of the CFR online ticket (which is sent electronically via e-mail but is also available from the user account under the "Orders" section, submenu "My Tickets"), the customer is required to check that the data entered on it corresponds to the required data . If the data does not match, you can request cancellation of the wrong ticket within one hour of the purchase, without any fee. After the expiry of that period, the requests are solved according to the provisions of section12.

Please note that in cases where passengers do not hold a valid ticket for the train on the travel date or for the declared person or the declared quality cannot be proved on the train (namely: child, young, holder of TrenPlus card), they will be considered without ticket and they must pay an increased fee on the train.

9. The maximum number of places that can be booked in one transaction, depending on the type of car, as follows:

  • 12 places at seating cars (1st class, 2nd class), except for the minigroup offer that is limited to the number of people admitted for this type of offer ticket;
  • 6 places at berth cars with 6 beds in cabin;
  • 4 places at berth cars with 4 beds in cabin;
  • 2 places at sleeping cars with 2 beds in cabin and "Single" sleeping cars (alone in the cabin);
  • 3 places at sleeping cars with 3 beds in cabin.

10 . In order to purchase tickets for larger groups, the customer can either choose to make more orders within the service buy CFR online tickets or to directly contact the CFR Călători sales offices. If large groups tickets are purchased through multiple online orders (multiple transactions), the places can be booked in the same car, using the option to request the reservation in the desired car. In this case, at step 3 "Number and type of passengers", select "Journey options" - "Custom" and the number of the car obtained in the first transaction must be declared in the "Number of the desired coach" field.

11. Travel data of an already purchased „CFR online ticket" (namely changing the contract of carriage) can be changed by the registered user, from his own profile, by accessing the "Orders" section (from the top blue bar of the home user page), submenu "ticket operations" - Change ticket. This operation can be done under the following conditions:

11.1. The request is made only for a ticket on Paid status, at least 6 hours before the departure hour of the first train on route, from the original ticket, for trains running within the range available to buy a "CFR online ticket", respectively for trains with travel data of up to 30 days in advance, except for trains running within 6 hours from the submission hour of the request in the system;

11.2. The change is made for a ticket as a whole, meaning for all passengers on the ticket and for all trains that make up the route. In the case of a round-trip offer, the change request is only made for both trips, both for the departure and the return trip, and the request must be registered no later than 6 hours before the departure of the train;

11.3. A change in the travel date, train, class/type of car and/or route may be requested, only if the departure and destination stations, the number of passengers, the type (category) of passengers ) and their names from the original ticket remain unchanged ;

11.4. If, for the new journey, you wish to make a reservation in a sleeping car or in a berth car, the number of passengers on the original ticket must comply with the maximum number of passengers established for this type of car in a single transaction (specified in item 9);

11.5. The request to change a purchased ticket can only be made once and the customer must pay the related fees and possible tariff differences. The new "CFR Online Ticket" (issued as a result of a request to change travel data) DOES NOT allow any further changes, namely the tickets on the status: Following the change, paid, do not allow any other change;

11.6. When changing a ticket, you can request to add a ticket for a pet dog for 2nd class seats reservations, as well as a bicycle ticket if there are such services available on the new train where the trip is intended;

11.7. The online tickets issued for bicycles or for dogs can be also change with an additional 10% retention of the bicycle / dog ticket value;

11.8. When you change a "CFR online ticket" that includes a bicycle ticket or a pet dog ticket, the ticket for bike / dog can be waived. In this case, if a pet dog or bicycle ticket is to be waived or if the new train to which the trip is intended does not have available services for the transport of bicycles, 90% of the value paid for the bicycle is refunded, respectively from the pet dog ticket;

11.9. Online tickets can be changed only by paying tariff differences, calculated according to the regulations in force (class/type of car, route, reservation tickets, etc.);

11.10. WARNING! Travel to a low-cost train (lower-class, lower - tariff or specific commercial offers) can be changed WITHOUT refunding the tariff differences and the price for seats reservation tickets. In this case, if you wish to recover the appropriate tariff differences, it is necessary to refund the original ticket (according to the provisions of item 12) and buying another ticket, in accordance with the new requirements;

Please note that in this case, the amounts due to be returned (to the customer, as a result of the refund request - calculated according to the provisions of item 12) are usually refunded within 3-5 business days, depending on the policy of the card issuing bank (with which payment has been made), but the deadline according to the banking legislation in force, may be extended to 30 days. Attention! These amounts are NOT refunded on spot and cannot be used to pay for other tickets;

11.11. If you want to change the ticket by waiving the trip at sleeping / berth car, the value of the bed supplements (in sleeping or berth car) will be refunded with retention of the commissions (fee) stipulated to in item 12;

11.12. After performing the change, the original ticket is no longer valid, and the passenger receives a new ticket (in pdf format), according to the new requirements;

11.13. If the name of the passengers has been incorrectly declared their correction is only possible if the request is send to the e-mail address:, at least 24 hours prior to the departure of the first train on the route.

11.14. CFR online tickets DO NOT allow / entitle you to make the following changes:

  • passenger type (adult, child, yang, etc.),

· selected gender (in case of changes requested at sleeping car),

  • number of passengers

· departure/arrival stations declared on the original ticket

  • interrupting the journey

· changing a ticket that has been changed once (ticket issued following a previous change request);

11.15. In case of such changes (referred to in paragraph 11.14), it is necessary that those «CFR online tickets» (that do not match the new requirements), to be refunded by application (according to the provisions of paragraph 12) and buying other "CFR online tickets" (according to the new requirements);

12 . "CFR online tickets" fees can be refunded, when cancelling your travel plans, only based on a refund request, complying with the following conditions:

12.1. Usually, the refund request is necessary to be filled in online by the registered user, from its own user profile (by using the section "Orders" within the online application - on the top blue bar of the start page, by accessing "Operations of a ticket" - at section"Cancelling the travel plans", for a ticket on Paid or Following a change, paid and shall be taken into account only if it is registered at least 6 hours before the departure hour and date of the first train on route (passenger boarding date and hour). After this deadline (6 hours before the beginning of the trip), "CFR online tickets" SHALL NOT be refunded . Exceptions are made by the special cases mentioned in section 14;

12.2. In special cases when the passenger claims at a railway station the impossibility to register the online refund request, the refund request may also be filled at CFR Calatori sales units, but it will only be considered if it is registered at least 6 hours before the departure date and hour of the first train on route (passenger's boarding date and hour);

12.3. The request is made for a ticket as a whole, meaning for all passengers on that ticket and for all the trains that make up that route (NO refund request is allowed for only some passengers mentioned on the ticket or only for some trains on the route);

12.4. In case of round-trip tickets, the refund can also be requested partially only for the return trip, but only after performing the one-way trip and when the request is made no later than 6 hours before the beginning of the return trip. In this case, the tariff paid for the return trip shall be refunded by withholding 20% of the transport fee;

12.5. The amount to be refunded are calculated by withholding the corresponding processing fees, according to the regulations in force, accessible on the official website, at , of which we mention the following main rules:

12.5.1. The amount of reservation tickets for seats is NOT refunded (the amount of each seat reservation tickets for each train of the route is deducted from the amount paid)

12.5.2. the amount of bed supplements for the seats reserved in sleeping cars or berth cars is refunded with a 10% fee if the request is made no later than one day before the train departure from the formation station or a 50% fee if the request is registered on the departure day of the train from the formation station (but no later than 6 hours from the boarding hour to the first train on the route).

12.5.3. the amount of the transport fees (without reservation) is refunded with a 10% fee, if the request is registered in compliance with the 6 hours interval before the departure of the first train on the route, except for the round-trip offer at partial waiver for the return trip, in which case, 20% of the transport fee (without reservation) paid for the return train shall be withheld .

12.5.4. The amount of the bike ticket and pet dog ticket is refunded with a 10% fee from their amount.

12.6 The amounts will be transferred directly into the account associated with the payment card ( in no event, the related amounts will NOT be refunded in cash, on spot, at the CFR Călători counters and cannot be used to mark other tickets as paid) .

12.7. Please note that the amounts due to be returned (to the customer, as a result of the refund request) are usually refunded within 3-5 business days, (depending on the policy of the card issuing bank with which payment has been made), but the deadline according to the banking legislation in force, may be extended to 30 days.

13. When purchasing CFR tickets online (for trains with compulsory or optional reservation), the places are automatically assigned according to predefined rules (taking into account the type of wagon and the preferences expressed by the majority of passengers) in accordance with the selections made by the customer (class, a certain number of desired car, bed position in case of reservation for sleeping car) without the possibility of choosing them.

14. In special cases, when the customer cannot make the departure journey or on route because of the railway undertaking, according to the original data mentioned on the "CFR online ticket", to continue the journey by another train or the return to the original departure station (if it is on route), it is necessary for the customer to contact directly the CFR Călători sales counts of the station where the incident/case occurred. In these special occasions, if the travel plans are cancelled, usually the refund request must be filled directly at the CFR Călători sales counters (on a standard form). The online application from the user account will be considered ONLY if the proof of travel plans cancellation from the CFR Călători sales counter has been obtained - by requesting the non-use visa (submission to the station counter for obtaining a registration number), in which case, the request can be registered within 3 calendar days from the incident occurrence date.

15. When travelling by train, customers have several commercial offers, made available by CFR Călători and can choose from one of them, according to their preferences and specific requirements, benefiting from various commercial discounts that usually do NOT cumulate as follows:

15.1 "Round-trip" offer

The offer is valid for a round-trip on routes using one single train on both one-way trip and the return one, for any train available online, any class/type of car and any route, according to the selections made, separately for the one-way and the return journey, for which travel data are known. The condition is that the arrival station for the one-way trip is identical to the departure station and the return journey, and the arrival station is identical to the departure station for the return journey.

At the "round trip" offer for "adult", a 10% discount is granted of the full fare for each train (the train for the one-way trip and the train selected for the return journey). The reservation ticket fee at the class car or bed supplement on the sleeping car or berth car is fully paid.

The "round-trip" ticket at online sale may also be issued for "children", but in this case, the discount offered by that quality is only granted on the basis of normative acts (corresponding to: "children") without any further discount.

On a "round trip" offer, it is necessary to accurately determine the date, train, class and type of car that is intended to make the journey, both one way and return. The passenger may request for the return journey any date from the anticipated sale period starting on the same day as the departure journey, but not earlier than 60 minutes from the time of arrival at the destination station of the one-way train.

Discounts granted for the "round-trip" offer are NOT cumulated with other discounts (of the type: anticipation, loyalty, minigroup, etc.).

15.2. "Minigroup 2-5 " offer

It is purchased only when travelling at 2-nd class, by a single train on Mondays to Thursdays, for small groups from 2 to a maximum of 5 people considered "adults" in terms of tariffs, granting discounts on the full transport fee, starting from 10% (for 2 adults) and up to 25% (for 5 adults). The reservation ticket fee from the class car for each passenger shall be fully paid.

Attention! Between 15 Dec 2019 and 14 Jun 2020, the offer is only purchased on the 2nd class for journey with only one train from Mondays to Thursdays.

Young people under the age of 18 are eligible for a 50% discount on an adult tariff, if they are in even number. From the tariff point of view, 2 "young people" are considered 1 "adult" and receive a 50% discount from the reduced adult rate, corresponding to that minigroup (depending on the number of people in the minigroup). If the number of "young people: from a "minigroup" is not even, then, 1 "youth" is considered (in terms of tariff) "adult".

The discounts on the minigrup offer are NOT cumulated with other discounts (for anticipation, loyalty, round-trip, etc.).

15.3. TrenPlus Card

Unlimited CFR online tickets can be purchased based on "Train Plus" nominal card, during its validity period, for any route, for all trains, with a discount of 25% of the full transport tariff.

The seat reservation tariff and bed supplement / berth car is full paid.

The discount granted under this offer is NOT cumulative with other commercial offers (for round trip, minigroup, anticipation, fidelity, etc.) or facilities established based on normative documents.

On the train, the passenger must submit the ticket and also Train Plus card under which it was issued, and an identity document (Identity Card/ passport).

If the passenger does not submit that ticket when the control is performed for a discount ticket purchase based on a Train Plus card, he must pay the difference between the increased tariff on the train corresponding to rank, class and distance and the amount paid on the submitted ticket.

Train Plus card can be purchased for a fee, only at the sale points of CFR stations and travel agencies that issue electronic tickets, by any passenger, regardless of age, upon written request (standard form) stating the starting date of validity, holder name, identification number, address and other optional contact information (e-mail, etc.), only at CFR sales offices and travel agencies with electronic issuing system.

15.4. Discounts for purchasing in advance CFR online tickets

Discounts are granted for one way trips for full tickets (adult) and children (until 10 years old) (of the transport tariff, reservation ticket is paid in full) depending on the period of anticipation with which tickets are purchased. Discounts start from 5% when purchasing with a 6-day advance and get up to 15% if an advance purchase is over 21 days. Anticipation discounts do not apply to round-trip tickets, for Minigroup offer or other commercial offers. The discount shall only apply to the full transport tariff for one-way trip and shall cumulate only to discounts granted for loyalty.

15.5 "Loyalty" discount

When purchasing full price train tickets for "adult" and also for "children", for a journey performed by several successive trains belonging to CFR Călători (one-way trip), discounts of up to 20% are granted, called "loyalty" discounts, as follows:

- 10% discount if two CFR Călători successive trains are used for a journey (between the departure station and the destination station);

- 15% discount if three CFR Călători successive trains are used for a journey (between the departure station and the destination station);

- 20% discount if four CFR Călători successive trains are used for a journey (between the departure station and the destination station).

"Successive train" means the train at which the departure station is identical to the arrival station from the previous train. And for trains during the journey, the departure hour of the last chosen train must be within a maximum of 48 hours, before the departure hour of the passenger's boarding station.

The interval between the train arrival hour and the departure hour of the next train on the route cannot be less than 5 minutes and no more than 23 hours and 59 minutes.

If the conditions mentioned above are met when selecting a route within an online transaction (purchasing one-way trip ticket), loyalty discounts are granted automatically.

Loyalty discounts apply only to full transport tariff for one-way journey for both adults and children tariff and cumulate only with discounts granted for anticipation. Discounts granted for loyalty DO NOT cumulate with round-trip offer, Minigroup or other commercial offers.

16. "CFR Călători" specific commercial offers are made available to customers (passengers) only under the marketing terms and conditions.

"CFR Călători" reserves the right to change the marketing terms or to stop, at any time, applying one or more of these commercial offers.

17. The service is unavailable (suspended) between 01:15 and 03:00 AM due to system maintenance operations.

18 . The user is required to verify and configure the specific software settings (Internet provider specific settings, browsing applications, etc.), so that emails related to the application "Buy CFR online tickets" will not automatically be listed in "Spam".

19. Before using the application for CFR online tickets and whenever there are any doubts about how to fill in the fields, the registered user has to carefully read the HELP service manual. Suggestions and questions can be mailed to

20. CFR Calatori does not take any responsibility if the user mistakenly fill in /selects incorrectly (by ignorance or inadvertently, etc) the fields requesting the purchase of "CFR online tickets".

21. Passengers holding "CFR online tickets" are required to be informed and fully comply with legal provisions relating to the railway journey (including those related to luggage transport) as any normal passenger.

22. For registered users belonging to "authorized distributors", the conditions of use of the service are stipulated in the specific contracts concluded with SNTFC CFR Călători SA.

23. The electronic invoice for "CFR online tickets" can be issued from the user account who bought the ticket, by using the section "Orders" within the online application (on the top blue bar of the start page), by accessing "Operations on a ticket - Invoice for a ticket on the status: Paid or Following the change, paid, introducing on its own responsibility the billing data, namely:

- for individuals: Name, surname and address. You can optionally enter additional data: identity card series and number and Social Security Number.

- for legal entities: Company name, address, Tax identification number. You can optionally enter additional data: serial number at Trade Registry, bank account and bank name.

The invoice can only be obtained if the completion and validation of the request with the billing data in your profile is within the legal deadline, namely no later than the 15th of the month following that in which the CFR online ticket was purchased. Once the data is completed and validated, the invoice is automatically generated and sent by e-mail but it can be printed or saved in pdf format, from the user account under "My Tickets".

The invoice can be issued for the whole CFR online ticket (i.e. for all the passengers mentioned in the ticket).

For CFR online tickets, where the initial travel dates have been changed and for the original ticket was requested an invoice, as well as for the tickets for which the travel cancellation has been requested, the invoice request is made by e-mail at

24. E-Commerce banking transactions (for the payment of CFR tickets online) are provided, as required by Romanian law, by accredited companies (whose logos are found on the login page). The types of cards accepted by our partners are: MAESTRO, MASTERCARD, VISA and VISA ELECTRON.